The Myth of The Indestructible Black Woman

When Maxine Waters told Bill O’Reilly that she was a strong Black woman that couldn’t be intimidated, Black women across the country rejoiced and applauded her words. We understood exactly what she meant, and precisely what Bill O’Reilly represented: the intersection of racism, sexism, and patriarchy. We face this unique and particularly oppressive combination each... Continue Reading →

Sports and Politics: Different Sides of the Same Coin

In the United States, sports, much like music and film, act as a reflection of the social climate and culture. Despite this fact, you will often hear people complain about sports becoming “too political,” but the truth is, they’ve been politicized for DECADES. We began to see the “keep politics out of sports” rhetoric re-emerge... Continue Reading →

Claudette Colvin: Alabama’s Hidden Hero

I’m always astounded by how few people know about Claudette Colvin, and how her protest of Alabama’s bus segregation laws preceded Rosa Parks’ by months. It’s like she was completely erased from history, and totally overshadowed by Rosa (which I don’t think was an accident, but by design. We’ll get into that in a bit).... Continue Reading →

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